Yoga Husband comes to the rescue again – answering the age old question: ‘what the hell is my yoga wife talking about?’

I bet you’ve been hearing the words kimchi, tempeh, and kombucha a lot lately. To me they sound a lot like what amorous yogis say to each other in the bedroom (‘bite my kimchi’, ‘who’s a dirty little kombucha?’), but they’re actually the hottest food items right now if you’re a good yogi.

The big idea is that kimchi, tempeh, and kombucha went through fermentation, which means that they were broken down by micro-organisms before they reached your plate. Food that went through fermentation is better for you because those little micro-organisms already digested your food.

Stop the presses! Big news here: it is easier to digest food that’s already been digested!

And now for more shocking news: it’s easier to tell a joke to drunk people, it’s easier to run a 10k if someone drives you half the way, and it’s easier to heat up yesterday’s leftovers.

Don’t be mad, yoga people. I’m just kidding. I have a lot of love for some fermented stuff – I would never ever, for example, eat a hot dog without sauerkraut on top.